Interstate 76, CO-95 to I-70/CO-121


Location: I-76 and Sheridan Blvd, Adams Cty

Just after the SH-95 junction we’ll get advance notice for SH-121/Wadsworth Blvd

Location: I-76 and Sheridan Blvd, Adams Cty

Reassurance shield after the SH-95 interchange

Location: I-76 and Wadsworth Blvd, Adams Cty

Exit for SH-121/Wadsworth Blvd, another important north south arterial through Denver metro.

Location: I-76 and I-70, Wheat Rdige

Just beyond that I-76 will end at I-70 as we enter Wheat Ridge. The I-70/I-76 merge is just part of a giant cluster with SH-121, with 121 traffic merging onto the freeway beyond this point and having the option to get on I-70 and I-76 via the same ramps, so this all gets one page.

E to US-287

W to CO-391, E to CO-95

N to CO-128, S to I-70 Bus/US-40

N to US-36, S to I-70