Colorado State Highway 113, NE-19/NE State Line to US-138


Location: SH-113 and N-19, Logan Cty

SH-113 shockingly begins as we cross into Colorado from Nebraska. 113 is a quick connector to US-138- a crucial link in the Sidney-Sterling (and Denver, for that matter) highway

Location: SH-113 and North St, Peetz

Before we do any of that, however, we’ll have to enter Peetz, a little town two miles south of the border

Location: SH-113 and North St, Peetz

Reassurance shield after the main crossing over the railroad tracks into Peetz

Location: SH-113 and Main St, Logan Cty

Reassurance shield as we head out of Peetz

Location: SH-113 and CR 62, Logan Cty

Reassurance shield after a random county road

Location: SH-113 and CR 50, Logan Cty

Reassurance shield just before the turnoff to the little town of Padroni

Location: SH-113 and US-138, Logan Cty

Junction signage is lacking at this one, since 99% of traffic is heading to Sterling, so we’re told to turn right to get to Sterling.

Location: SH-113 and US-138, Logan Cty

Turn right for 138 West towards Sterling and left for 138 East towards Julesburg. SH-113 ends.

W to US-6, E to CO-55

N to I-80