Colorado State Highway 119, SH-72 to SH-72


Location: SH-119 and SH-72, Boulder Cty

Reassurance shield after the routes join. This one ignores SH-72 as 119 is the primary route

Location; SH-119 and Magnolia Dr, Boulder Cty

Reassurance shield acknowledging both routes as we head into Nederland

Location: Bridge St and 2nd St, Nederland

As we pass through Nederland, SH-72 will split from SH-119 in a roundabout. Follow this sign for SH-119, which heads due east down the mountain to Boulder. Bear left for SH-72, which heads north towards Estes Park

N to SH-93, S to SH-46

S to SH-93, N to SH-7

 S to SH-119N to SH-7

S to SH-93, N to SH-119