U.S. Route 24, I-25/US-85/US-87 to US-24 Bus


Location: Midland Expressway and I-25, Colorado Springs

Ressurance shield after US-24 splits from 25/85/87. 24 will head as expressway all the way to Woodland Park

Location: Midland Expy and 21st St, Colorado Springs

Reassurance shield after the 21st St intersection. At 31st St, the Manitou Springs Business Loop will depart, still in Colorado Springs. Since this isn’t the main part of it, it will be completely unsigned.

W to US-24 Bus, E to CO-115

W to US-24

S to CO-115, N to CO-105

N to CO-105, S to CO-115

S to CO-115, N to CO-105