Interstate 25, US-85/CO-86 to CO-105


Location: I-25 and Meadows Pkwy, Castle Rock

Reassurance shield after US-85 joins. It will leave briefly in Fountain, but will otherwise stay with I-25 for the duration of I-25.

Location: I-25 and Plum Creek Pkwy, Douglas Cty

Reassurance shield as we head out of Castle Rock

Location: I-25 and Sky View Ln, Douglas Cty

Reassurance shield after the Sky View Ln interchange as we make the long trek down to the Colorado Springs area

Location: I-25 and Greenland Rd, Douglas Cty

Another reassurance shield as we head down the congested highway to Colorado Springs

Location: I-25 and Palmer Divide Rd, El Paso Cty

Reassurance shield after Palmer Divide Rd, a backroad over to Palmer Lake as we head into El Paso County

Location: I-25 and SH-105, Monument

1.5 miles to junction SH-105, which serves Monument and Palmer Lake

Location: I-25 and SH-105, Monument

1 mile to junction SH-105

Location: I-25 and SH-105, Monument

Exit right for SH-105, which spurs into Monument and onto Palmer Lake before ending at a county road bearing the same number

S to US-24, N to CO-470/E-470

 N to CO-67S to US-24

S to US-24, N to CO-470/E-470

N to Douglas CR 105

N to CO-67, S to CO-105

E to CO-83