Colorado State Highway 93, US-6/SH-58 to SH-72


Location: SH-93 and US-6, Golden
Reassurance shield at the beginning of SH-93. 93 is an underbuilt road that serves traffic heading from Golden to Boulder- all the cars in front of me will soon be on a two lane undivided highway

Location: SH-93 and Pine Ridge Rd, Golden

Reassurance shield as we approach Pine Ridge Rd as we start to head out of Golden

Location: SH-93 and SH-72, Arvada

Junction SH-72 coming up as we briefly pass through a remote exclave of Arvada

Location: SH-93 and SH-72, Arvada

Get in the right lane for 72 East, then you’ll turn left for 72 west and stay straight in the left lane for 93 north.

Location: SH-93 and SH-72, Arvada

Follow SH-72 East into the real part of Arvada, west to Pinecliffe, and 93 North to Boulder

Location: SH-93 and SH-72, Arvada

Turn right for 72 East, left for 72 West. Stay straight for 93 North

N to SH-128

E to I-70, W to SH-119

W to SH-119, E to SH-470

E to I-70