U.S. Route 36, KS-60 to KS-383


Location: US-36 and K-60, Norton Cty

Reassurance shield after the K-60 junction

Location: US-36 and Rd 9 E, Norton Cty

Reassurance shield after CR 9

Location: US-36 and KS-383, Norton Cty

We’ll approach a junction with K-383. This sign is oddly familiar, but it’s not the same as the last one. K-383 North will head toward Alemana, 36 west/383 south sill head towards Norton

Location: US-36 and K-383, Norton Cty

Right for 383 North, straight for 383 South/36 west. The two routes will run concurrent through Norton. K-383 is former US-383

W to KS-67, E to KS-121

S to KS-67, N to KS-60

N to KS-383