U.S. Route 36, KS-112 to US-281/KS-181


Location: US-36 and K-112, Jewell Cty

Reassurance shield after the K-112 junction. The sign in the background reads “US-281 7, K-181 7, Smith Center 19”

Location: US-36 and County Rd, Smith Cty

Reassurance shield as we cross into Smith County

Location: US-36 and US-281, Smith County

We’ll approach a junction with 281/181 here in a second. The junction is grade separated, so you’ll exit for 281/181

Location: US-36 and US-281, Smith Cty

Exit for 281 North towards Lebanon and 181 South towards Downs. 281 South will join US-36. Note the old style big green signage, still in great shape here. I find it more attractive with the border inside the shield, certainly more personality than the sign above. Also, follow US-281 North for the geographic center of the 48 states

W to KS-182, E to KS-128

N to KS-191, S to KS-182

S to US-24

N to Esbon