U.S. Route 36, KS-63 to KS-63


Location: US-36 and K-63, Nemaha Cty

Reassurance shield after the routes converge as we’re about to enter Seneca

Location: US-36 and Neptune Dr, Nemaha Cty

Just before we enter Seneca, we’ll get advance signage for K-63’s split, where it will head up towards Pawnee City Nebr

Location: North St and K-63, Seneca

Welcome to Seneca! Turn right to follow K-63 North out of town towards Nebraska, stay straight to head through north Seneca on 36

W to KS-178, E to KS-236

N to KS-71, S to KS-9

N to KS-71, S to US-36

N to US-36, S to KS-9