Interstate 29, I-29 Bus/US-59/US-71 Bus to US-169


Location: I-29 and I-29 Bus, Andrew Cty

Reassurance shield after the 59/29 business split. These two routes will remain concurrent for the duration of I-29’s existence

Location: I-29 and US-169, Andrew Cty

Junction US-169 coming up in a second.

Location: I-29 and US-169, St Joseph
As we enter the city of St Joe, exit for US-169. 169 serves as a defacto I-29 business loop heading south, looping back to I-29 on the other end of town. 169 North heads up towards King City

S to MO-6, N to I-229/US-59/US-71

S to MO-6, N to I-29/I-229

N to MO-31, S to I-29 Bus

S to US-59

S to I-29 Bus, N to I-29/I-229

N to US-59/US-71