U.S. Route 59, MO-45/MO-273 to MO-273/KS State Line


Location: US-59 and Route 45, Buchanan Cty
Reassurance shield after the junction. As the two routes head west into Atchison, we get a wrong-way concurrency

Location: US-59 and the Missouri River, Buchanan Cty

We’ll travel through nothing for a couple miles, and then get to the Missouri River bridge into Kansas. The bridge is named after Amelia Earhart. Atchison is the birthplace of Amelia Earhart

Location: Utah St and 4th St, Atchison Kan.

Welcome to Kansas! Missouri 273 ends here without a Kansan replacement

S to US-73/KS-7, N to MO-116

S to MO-45

S to MO-273

N to US-59/KS State Line, S to MO-45