U.S. Route 59, I-229 to MO-759


Location: I-229 and Felix St, St Joseph

US-59 joins I-229 to bypass downtown and we’ll immediately come to the Felix St interchange. We’ll come to a junction with Missouri 759 here in a mile, which provides access to 36 West/Hiawatha, and just after that we’ll directly intersect 36 east. You can see Kansas to the right

Location: I-229 and 4th St, St Joseph

We’ll exit for 759 South TO 36 West here in a second, and then direct access to 36 East just after that. 759 is the pre-I-229 alignment of US-59

Location: I-229 and 4th St, St Joseph
Exit for 759 South to 36 West, which serves the St Joe airport (accessible only through Kansas). 36 East is coming up and the reassurance shield acknowledges both routes

S to US-36, N to I-29 Bus

S to US-36, N to I-29/US-59/US-71

S to US-36

S to US-36, N to US-59