Wyoming Highway 232, US-30/WYO 89/WYO 231 to Smiths Fork Rd


AMP: 0

Location: WYO 232 and US-30, Cokeville

Reassurance shield at the beginning of Wyoming 232 as we head out of Cokeville to no visible destination

AMP: 2

Location: WYO 232 and Pine Creek Rd, Lincoln Cty

Turn right for CR 204, which serves a ski area. Any visible usefulness WYO 232 had will now disappear, as it appears to be a private 10 mile drive to some dude’s ranch

AMP: 12

Location: WYO 232 and Smiths Fork Rd, Lincoln Cty

Wyoming 232 will end here, right at the driveway to some guy’s ranch

E to WYO 89, W to WYO 89

S to US-30, N to US-30

W to Cokeville