Nebraska Highway 4, NE-5 to NE-S65A


Location: N-4 and N-5, Thayer Cty

Reassurance shield after the N-5 junction

Location: N-4 and Linden Ave, Davenport

Welcome to Davenport! N-4 will basically clip its southern end

Location: N-4 and S-65A, Nuckols Cty

Several miles later in Nuckols County, we come to a junction with Spur 65A

Location: N-5 and S-65A, Nuckols Cty

Turn left for Spur 65A, a 5 mile long spur down to Oak

Location: N-5 and S-65A, Nuckols Cty

Left for Spur 65A south, straight for N-4 West

W to NE-14, E to US-81

S to Oak

S to US-136