Nebraska Highway 4, US-75 to NE-105


Location: N-4 and US-75, Richardson Cty

Reassurance shield at the beginning of Nebraska 4. N-4 is one of Nebraska’s oldest and longest state highways

Location: N-4 and Airport Dr, Richardson Cty

Junction Nebraska 105 coming up as we clip the northern edge of Humboldt. Nebraska 105 will join N-4 for a bit, the first of many short concurrencies along N-4’s route

Location: N-4 and Nemaha Rd, Richardson Cty

Turn left to head into downtown Humboldt via N-105 south, stay straight to head towards Beatrice

Location: N-4 and Nemaha Rd, Richardson Cty

Left for N-105 South, straight for N-4 West/N-105 North

W to NE-105

N to NE-4, S to NE-8

N to NE-62, S to US-73