U.S. Route 30, NE-L56D to NE-L24D


Location: US-30 and Main St, Brady

Reassurance shield after the Link 56D junction as we pass through Brady

Location: US-30 and Norris St, Brady

Reassurance shield as we head out of Brady

Location: US-30 and Peckham Rd, Dawson Cty
Reassurance shield as we enter Dawson County

Location: 8th St and 2nd Ave, Gothenburg

Welcome to Gothenburg!

Location: 8th St and Ave D, Gothenburg

We’ll come to a junction with unmarked Link 24D, which connects to N-47 which connects to I-80. As N-47 passes over that bridge in the distance, there is no direct connection

Location: 8th St and Ave D, Gothenburg

Turn left for Link 24D to N-47 to I-80, stay straight for US-30 East

E to NE-21, W to NE-S56A

E to NE-47

S to I-80