Interstate 80, US-6 to US-77


Location: I-80 and O St, Lincoln

Reassurance shield after the US-6 interchange

Location: I-80 and US-77, Lincoln

In a quarter mile, you’ll exit for US-77 south. US-77 north will join I-80, being the first and only highway to join I-80 on its cross-Nebraska trek

Location: I-80 and US-77, Lincoln

Follow US-77 to get to the eastern segment of N-2, which heads to Nebraska City. It’s also the major route between here and Kansas City/points southeast, so it gets a ton of traffic

Location: I-80 and US-77, Lincoln

Left lanes for I-80 East/there unmarked US-77 north, exit for the US-77 South/TO NE-2 expressway

E to I-180/US-34, W to NE-L55K

S to US-6, N to I-180/US-34

W to NE-L55K, E to US-77