Interstate 80, NE-15 to NE-L80H


Location: I-80 and N-15, Seward Cty

After the N-15 junction, these mileposts begin to appear, with the I-80 shield on them every tenth of a mile. I obviously do not take pictures of all of these, but since this is the first one I thought I would

Location: I-80 and L-80H, Seward Cty

1 mile to junction Link 80H, which is a tiny spur (<1 mile) to US-6, serving Milford, so it’s just signed as US-6

Location: I-80 and L-80H, Seward Cty

Exit for Link 80H which heads TO US-6. US-6 will now run closely parallel to I-80 clear to Iowa

E to NE-103, W to NE-L80G

S to US-6

S to US-6, N to US-34