Interstate 80, US-83 to NE-L56G


Last Driven February 2021

Location: I-80 and US-83, North Platte

Reassurance shield after the US-83 interchange

Location: I-80 and US-83, North Platte

A second reassurance shield after US-83.

(Historic Photo: September 2009)

Location: I-80 and Link 56G, Lincoln Cty

Junction Link 56G, signed here as heading up to US-30, serving eastern North Platte, coming up in one mile

Location: I-80 and L-56G, Lincoln Cty

Exit for Link 56G, which heads up to US-30 on the eastern edge of North Platte

E to NE-S56A, W to NE-L56C

N to US-30

N to US-30, S to NE-23