Morelos Carretera Estatal 438D, MX-160 to PUE-438D/PUE State Line


Location: MOR-438D and MX-160, Mpo. Jantetelco

No signage as 438D begins. About 2 km after it starts we’ll enter the state of Puebla without signage. The route continues as State Route 438D.

Location: MOR-438D and Carr. Hualzco, Mpo. Temoac

A couple kilometers later we’ll actually run along the Puebla-Morelos line. Stay straight to stay on 438D to Puebla. Exit here for an unnumbered Morelos highway. We’ll fully enter Puebla just ahead.

 N to MX-190

 E to PUE State Line, W to MX-115/MX-115D