Interstate 80 Business, SR 445 to I-80/SR 659


Location: Victorian Ave and Pyramid Way, Sparks

No reassurance shield after SR 445.

Location: Victorian Ave and 2nd St, Sparks

Lincoln Highway reassurance shield as we closely parallel I-80.

Location: Victorian Way and McCarran Blvd, Sparks

Just after that we’ll approach I-80 and SR 659. Turn right for SR 659 south and connections to I-80 in both directions. Turn left for 659 north. Traffic from I-80 west approaches from the ramps straight ahead, which is why this is considered by this site to be one junction.

 W to SR 668

 E to SR 439W to SR 445

 N to SR 445S to SR 648

 S to I-80N to SR 659