Interstate 5 Business, I-5 to SR 162



Location: Rd 57 and Hwy 99W, Glenn Cty

As I-5 Business begins turn left as it merges onto old US 99W, which it follows for most of its length. This is the only I-5 Business shield on the route.

Location: Hwy 99W and Rd 53, Willows

After the turn we’ll enter Willows.

Location: Hwy 99W and Rd 53, Willows

US 99W reassurance shield.

Location: Tehama St and Walnut St, Willows

Another US 99W reassurance shield as we enter downtown Willows.

Location: Tehama St and Wood St, Willows

A few blocks later we’ll approach SR 162. Turn left for 162 west and right for 162 east. Stay straight to stay on I-5 Business, which continues up to Orland.

  N to SR 32

 W to I-5, E to SR 45

 N to SR 162, S to I-5 Bus