Interstate 215, SR 60 Bus to SR 60/SR 91


APM: 41

Location: I-215 and University Ave, Riverside

 One mile until the routes split.

APM: 42

Location: I-215 and 3rd St, Riverside

Shortly thereafter, SR 60 and I-215 will split as we approach SR 91.

APM: 42

Location: I-215 and SR 91, Riverside

Exit for SR 91, which heads south of Los Angeles as a freeway through Anaheim towards the beaches.

APM: 42

Location: I-215 and SR 60, Riverside

Follow 215 north to Barstow and 60 west to Los Angeles.

 N to I-10, S to SR 60

 W to SR 60 BusE to I-215

 W to SR 60 Bus, E to SR 60 Bus

 W to I-15

 W to SR 60