British Columbia Highway 10, BC-91 to BC-15


Location: BC 10 and BC 91, Delta

Reassurance shield as BC 10 begins.

Location: 58th Ave and 120th St, Surrey

Just after 10 begins we’ll enter Surrey. Bikes following BC 10 should stay on BC 10.

Location: 58th Ave and King George Blvd, Surrey

Reassurance shield a few blocks later.

Location: 58th Ave and 152nd St, Surrey

Bike reassurance shield.

Location: 56h Ave and Pacific Hwy, Surrey

A few blocks later we’ll approach BC 15. Follow 15 north to BC 1 and 15 south to the border. Stay on BC 10 for Langley.

Location: 56th Ave and Pacific Hwy, Surrey

Turn left for 15 north, right for 15 south, and stay straight for 10 east.

 E to BC-1

 N to BC-1, S to WA-543/WA Int’l Boundary

 S to BC-99, N to BC-91A