Interstate 10, I-10 Bus/SR 78 to US-95


APM: 149

Location: I-10 and SR 78, Riverside Cty

No reassurance shield after the business loop exit.

APM: 152

Location: I-10 and Lovekin Rd, Blythe

Reassurance shield after the Lovekin Rd interchange as we enter Blythe.

APM: 152

Location: I-10 and C and D Blvd, Blythe

In 3/4 of a mile, we’ll approach US 95.

APM: 153

Location: I-10 and Intake Blvd, Blythe

Exit ahead for US 95 north. 95 south joins I-10 into Arizona.

APM: 154

Location: I-10 and Intake Blvd, Blythe

Follow 95 north up to Needles. 95 south joins I-10.

 E to I-10 Bus, W to SR 177

 N to I-10 BusS to I-10 Bus

 E to US-95

 W to SR 115