Oklahoma State Highway 11, US-75 to OK-20


Location: 36th St and US-75, Tulsa

Reassurance shield as SH-11 splits from US-75 and becomes a very different type of road.

Location: 36th St and Quaker Ave, Tulsa

At the light ahead, 11 west turns right to head north.

Location: 36th St and Peoria Ave, Tulsa

Turn right at the light to stay on 11 west.

Location: Peoria Ave and 36th St, Tulsa

Reassurance shield after the turn.

Location: Peoria Ave and 60th St, Turley, Tulsa Cty

A couple miles later, we’ll pass through unincorporated Turley.

Location: SH-11 and 96th St, Sperry

Shortly thereafter, we’ll enter the town of Sperry.

Location: Cincinnati Ave and WC Rogers Blvd, Skiatook

A couple miles after that, we’ll enter Skiatook and approach SH-20.

Location: Cincinnati Ave and WC Rogers Blvd, Skiatook

Follow 20 west into downtown Skiatook and onto Hominy. Take 20 east to Collinsville. Stay on 11 west for Barnsdall.

Location: Cincinnati Ave and WC Rogers Blvd, Skiatook

Turn right for 20 east and left for 20 west. Stay straight for 11 west.

 W to OK-123, E to US-75

 E to US-75, W to OK-99

 N to OK-20S to OK-11