Ohio State Route 41, OH-28/OH-138/OH-753 to OH-138


Last Driven March 2021

Location: Jefferson St and Washington St, Greenfield

No reassurance shield as 41 joins 28/138. We’ll pass by an enormous McDonald’s sign, perched on the top of the hill and visible for miles away at night.

(Historic Photo: March 2014)

Location: Jefferson St and McArthur Way, Greenfield

Reassurance shield as we head out of Greenfield and enter Ross County.

(Historic Photo: March 2014)

Location: SR 28 and SR 138, Ross Cty

Just on the other side of the bridge, turn left to stay on 138 east.

 S to OH-28, N to OH-753

 E to OH-41, W to OH-138/OH-753

 E to US-35, W to OH-28

 E to US-35, W to OH-41/OH-753

 E to OH-138, W to OH-138/OH-753

 E to OH-28/OH-41, W to OH-28

N to OH-41, S to OH-28