U.S. Route 6, US-41 to IL State Line


Location: I-80 and Calumet Ave, Hammond

After US-41, we’re advised of several upcoming Illinois exits. The first exit in Illinois will see US-6 split onto Rte. 83, followed by an I-94 split at the Rte. 394 interchange.

Location: I-80 and Calumet Ave, Hammond

Welcome to Illinois! I-94, with I-90, serves as the main freeway through downtown Chicago before heading up to Wisconsin.

 W to I-80/I-94/I-294/IL-83/IL-394E to US-41/IN-152

 E to US-41/IN-152, W to I-94/I-294/US-6/IL-83/IL-394

 W to I-80/I-294/US-6/IL-83/IL-294E to US-41/IN-152

 S to I-80/I-94/US-6/IN-152, N to I-90