U.S. Route 40, KS-27 to CO State Line


Location: US-40 and Broadway, Weskan, Wallace Cty

A couple miles after Sharon Springs, we’ll enter unincorporated Weskan.

Location: US-40 and Weskan Ave, Weskan, Wallace Cty

Reassurance shield as we pass across the north side of Weskan.

Location: US-40 and Rd S-5, Wallace Cty

Reassurance shield about a mile later.

Location: US-40 and CR N3, Wallace Cty

Turn right for Mt. Sunflower, the highest point in Kansas.

Location: US-40 and CR N3, Wallace Cty

A mile later, we’ll leave Kansas. US-40 continues across the Centennial State.

 W to US-385, E to KS-27

 S to KS-96, N to US-40