Iowa Highway 64, US-52/US-67 to US-52/IL-64/IL State Line


Location: US-52 and US-67, Jackson Cty

Reassurance shield as 64 joins 52 and we cross the Sabula Lakes into the floodprone island city of Sabula.

Location: Sycamore St and Lake St, Sabula

Welcome to Sabula!

Location: Sycamore St and Broad St, Sabula

In downtown Sabula, turn left to stay on 52/64.

Location: Sycamore St and Broad St, Sabula

Turn left for 52/64 into the Land of Lincoln.

Location: US-52 at the Illinois Line, Jackson Cty

After the turn, we’ll head through some wetlands for about a quarter mile and then cross the Mississippi River into Illinois. Iowa 64 ends, but Illinois 64 takes its place. US 52 continues through Illinois.

 W to US-67

 E to IL-84, W to IA-62

 E to IL-84, W to US-67/IL-64

 E to IL-84

 E to IA-64/IL-64/IL State Line, W to IA-62

 S to IA-64