U.S. Route 275, US-30/US-77 to US-30


Location: US-30 and US-77, Dodge Cty
Reassurance shield as 275 joins 30. The two routes form a beltway of sorts around Fremont.

Location: US-30 and US-275, Dodge Cty

Exit in half a mile as 30 splits to head east towards Blair.

Location: US-30 and US-275, Dodge Cty

Exit for US-30 east towards Blair. US-275 stays on the expressway, continuing along the east edge of Fremont.

 E to NE-36, W to NE-91

 E to NE-31, W to NE-79

 E to NE-31, W to US-77/US-275

 E to US-275, W to NE-79

 S to NE-109, NE-91