U.S. Route 93, MT-38 to S-269/S-531


AMP: 44

Location: US-93 and Skalkaho Pass Rd, Ravalli Cty

Reassurance shield after the 93 junction.

AMP: 46

Location: 1st St and Golf Course Rd, Hamilton

A couple miles later, we’ll enter Hamilton, the largest city in the Bitterroot Valley.

AMP: 47

Location: 1st St and State St, Hamilton

At the light, we’ll approach Secondaries 269 and 531.

AMP: 47

Location: 1st St and Main St, Hamilton

Turn right for 269 up the east side of the valley towards Corvallis. 269 parallels US-93 all the way to Stevensville. Turn left for 531, which heads to downtown Hamilton and then back south.

 N to S-373, S to S-531

 N to S-373

 S to US-93

 E to MT-1