Montana Secondary Highway 532, S-401 to I-90 Bus/US 310


AMP: 7

Location: Buffalo Trail Rd and Lipp Rd, Yellowstone Cty

Hooray! A 532 reassurance shield.

AMP: 1

Location: 1st Ave and 12th St, Yellowstone Cty

Reassurance shield a few miles later as we enter Laurel

AMP: 1

Location: 1st Ave and 12th St, Laurel

Welcome to Laurel

AMP: 0

Location: 1st Ave and 1st St, Laurel

A few blocks later, S-532 will do a little wiggle- turn right and then immediately left to stay on it. It’ll head another block towards the I-90, noted with rare state named shield here. In a block, we’ll approach I-90 Business, for which you’d turn right to head west and left to head east. Stay straight for what I assume is US 310.

 E to Shiloh Rd

 E to I-90/US-212, W to I-90

 S to I-90/US-212

 N to S-302