Utah State Route 39, UT-203 to UT-158


Location: Canyon Rd and Harrison Blvd, Ogden

Reassurance shield after the 203 junction as we pretty quickly start to head up into the mountains.

Location: SR-39 and Valley Dr, Weber Cty

As we head out of Ogden, we’re advised that from November to April you must have snow tires to drive on SR-158 or SR-226.

Location: SR-39 and SR-158, Weber Cty

A few miles later, we’ll approach SR-158. Turn left for 158 north. Stay straight for 39 east.

Location: SR-39 and SR-158, Weber Cty

Follow 158 to Eden and Liberty. Stay on 39 for Huntsville.

 E to UT-167, W to US-89

 N to Powder Mountain

 S to UT-79