Oklahoma State Highway 3, OK-51 to OK-33/OK-58



Location: US-270 and SH-51, Dewey Cty

Reassurance shield after the 51 split. Looks like at the time I drove this (summer of 12), 58 was detoured along 51 and then this way.

Location: US-270 and SH-33, Blaine Cty

Several miles later, we’ll approach Highways 33 and 58.

Location: US-270 and SH-33, Blaine Cty

Follow 33 west to Thomas, 58 north to Canton, and stay on 270/3/33 east as well as 281 south for Watonga.

Location: US-270 ad SH-33, Blaine Cty

Stay straight for 270/3/33 east and 281 south. Turn left for 58 north and right for 33 west. 58 south…uh, so there’s a massive gap in Highway 58 and it does resume several miles south of here, but I don’t think that’s what this sign is referencing. I think it’s just an error.

E to US-270/US-281/OK-8, W to US-60/OK-51

W to US-60/OK-51, E to OK-3/OK-8/OK-33

N to US-60/OK-51, S to OK-3/OK-8/OK-33

E to US-270/US-281/OK-8, W to OK-54

N to OK-51

E to OK-58A, W to US-60/US-270/US-281/OK-3